Q: How do I get a quote?

A: The quickest and easiest way to get a quote is to fill out our online moving quote form. You can also simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.


Q: How do I book my move after submitting a quote request?

A: If you decide to go ahead and secure your reservation, go back to your reservation email and simply by clicking the “MANAGE MY QUOTE” button in the bottom of your confirmation email. You’ll be able to proceed with the reservation directly from your account by clicking “BOOK YOUR MOVE”. Make sure to have your credit card ready for the $100 deposit for local moves and 10% of your total for long distance or flat rate moves. Please keep in mind that our website is secured and we do not store or share your credit card information. If you can’t book your move online, please email info@mmmove.com or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you with the reservation.

Q: Is the price based on hours?

A: Yes, In a local move, travel time is the total time it takes us to travel from our dispatch location to your site and back. It is charged as a flat time. It does not include the time to drive from your old location to your new location (this is considered moving time). Labor time is the time spent in the job

Q: Am I able to change the date/time of my move?

A: If you need to change your move date and/or time email info@mmmove.com or give us a call we will assist you with the change. Keep in mind that price may change when rescheduling.

Q: How does cancellation/reschedule work?

A: IAny cancellations less than 3 business days before the move may cause a loss of your deposit. Any reschedules have to be confirmed with your sales representative at least 7 business days prior to the move.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Payments can be made in form of cash, credit card or a certified bankers check. For personal checks or company checks please call the office for approval.

Q: When should I pay for my move?

A: There is a deposit of $100.00 required on all local moves and a 10% deposit on any long distance move. All service charges on a local move must be paid upon the completion of the job by cash, personal check or via credit card (2.5% credit card processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions). Payments for long distance move has to be made prior to the actual unloading of your shipment at your destination. The payment for long distance moves or for moves to third-party storage facilities must be paid by cash, cashiers’ check or by credit card (2.5% credit card processing fee will be added to all credit card transactions). The personal check will not be accepted as a form of payment for long distance moves or moves into third-party storage facilities.

Q: Do you provide packing service?

A: We offer all forms of packing and crating. Whether it is a packing of a single box, partial packing of your condo, or a full pack-up of your 4 bedroom house – our crew is always happy to help. We carry a wide range of packing supplies and can tailor our packing service to your specific need.

Q: Do you provide boxes and packing supply?

A:We carry wide range of boxes and packing supplies. Those can be easily order prior to the move. Box delivery service can be scheduled at your convenience with a $50.00 minimum order.

Q: Do you provide disposal services?

A: M&M Moving is not a junk removal company but we can definitely take care of the unwanted items. Any disposal services have to be approved and confirmed by our staff prior to the move. All disposal services are subject to additional charges (unless otherwise specified on the estimate).

Q: Do you offer overnight storage if I need to postpone my delivery by a day or two?

A: We do offer overnight storage. On average the cost per 1 night of storage runs from $150.00 to $200.00 based on the dates and availability. Your shipment will be held overnight at 15 Walkup Drive, Westborough, MA 01581 or 128 Bridge Street, Newton, MA 02458.

Q: Will you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

A: Our teams come in fully equipped with all the tools to tackle any disassemble/reassemble job. Please keep in mind that some items are not build to be disassembled, moved and reassembled multiple times, therefore sometimes we are limited on our responsibility to the safety of items. Those items are usually pressed wood (particle board) made furniture.

Q: Can we ride inside the truck?

A: For insurance reasons, we cannot transport you to your new location. We ask that you arrange for your own transportation beforehand

Q: Are you a union company?

A: Unfortunately, We are not. We are a private company.

Q: Can you move plants?

A: We are forbidden by law to transport plants across state lines. We can move plants locally; however, we cannot guarantee their safety. In general, we recommend that you transport plants in your car if possible.

Q: How Much Should I Tip Movers?

A: How much to tip movers is a common question with a very simple answer: Whatever you think their service was worth! If the team does a good job, is courteous, and you are happy with their work, they would greatly appreciate any extra they get. We suggest a tip as if you were tipping a server in a restaurant; in other words, giving the movers a tip between 10% to 15% of your final bill is an appreciated gratuity.

Q: Are there any items that you cannot move?

A: Hazardous or combustible items such as propane tanks, firearms, paint and aerosols cannot be loaded into our trucks. Speak with our Move Consultant and we can advise you on specific items.

Q: How can I mark items that are not moving?

A: Use a different type of label clearly marked “do not pack”. Also when the team arrives, they will do a walk through with you, this is a good time to specifically point out which items are going and which are not.

Q: Can you arrange the items in my new home where I like them?

A: When we unload at your new home the team will make sure all furniture and boxes are placed in the correct rooms, and we will arrange and rearrange the furniture exactly as you instruct us.

Q: Is it possible to move during bad weather?

A: We are professional movers and our team and trucks are prepared to move during rain, sleet, or snow. They come equipped with supplies to keep your belongings safe from the elements. However, if the weather conditions will not be safe, we will be sure to contact you to try to reschedule the move.