Loading & Unloading Services

Loading & Unloading Services

Do you just need some labor help from professional movers to load or unload your rental truck, trailer or portable storage container? We are here to help! We can provide our expertise and muscle to efficiently and securely load or unload your belongings. The most obvious benefit to hiring us is that you won’t need to lift the heavy furniture.

However, there are many other benefits that people fail to realize:
  • Maximize Usable Space – Our movers know how to pack and load a moving truck. They are skilled individuals that can puzzle your household goods like a game of Tetris.
  • Reduce Damage. This one goes hand in hand with packing correctly. Properly loaded items won’t shift during transport resulting in a lower probability of damaged items.
If you’ve just sold your house and need to pack it all and move it all to a new location, that’s when we’ll come in handy!

Happy Customers Whom We’ve Helped to Move!

Mia F.
I have used M&M Moving & Storage Company for my move from Allston to the North End and again from North End to Cambridge. Worth every penny. They take care of EVERYTHING. They disassemble, reassemble, pack, move, the works. Always on time, very efficient, and great people. Nothing has ever been damaged. I recommend them to anyone moving. I have another move coming up and I’m not even bothering to look at quotes from other companies because of how positive my experience with M&M is every time.

Just had a wonderful Moving experience with Marcin and Michal and his entire crew.M&M moving is #1. they arrived on time, professional, personable and with skills of efficiency in packing.  Packed up and moved my entire apt from Boston to NYC home swiftly and nothing was damaged. Can’t say enough about these guys! THEY ARE THE BEST!!

Jill D.
Absolutely fabulous moving experience with M&M.  Marcin was incredibly professional and responsive in the lead up to our actual moving day, and Michael and his team who packed and moved us were absolutely stellar.  Courteous, efficient, and just all around great people.  I highly recommend M&M!