Long-Distance Moves

Long Distance Moves

We can ship the entire household, any single item or vehicle anywhere in the US. You will always know where your goods are and when they will

arrive at the destination, so you can plan accordingly. We will work with you to make sure the experience is smooth and stress-free as possible!

  • We’re experienced movers who can handle local moves of any size!
  • We relocate apartments, condominiums, homes, estates and everything in between.


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If you’ve just sold your house and need to pack it all and move it all to a new location, that’s when we’ll come in handy!
Meagan C.
I can’t say enough about M&M. I’ve moved twice. Once from Charlestown to JP. Once from JP to NYC. Both times, they’ve been lifesavers. Particularly notable for me was to NYC — I own a velvet custom sleeper couch. It’s my guest bedroom. It’s my most favorite piece of furniture. It’s also a pain in the a— to move anywhere. These guys made a science of it. They broke it down, treated it well and set it back up perfectly. They didn’t even make sly comments or give me dirty looks for owning something so cumbersome. Really, the best movers I’ve ever had. I’m sticking with them no matter where I move.
Stephanie K.June 14, 2016
I first found M&M Moving through a tear-away ad in my local laundromat.  I haven’t looked back since!  They have moved me 3 times and I recommended them to my grandmother when she moved as well.  I have been thrilled with their services every time. I have some difficult, heavy furniture to move and they always manage to make things work, and always with a positive, professional attitude.  They also move quickly.  I couldn’t believe how fast they loaded the truck!  Also, their rates are very reasonable.  I highly recommend these wonderful, kind, efficient and professional movers!
Jen B.June 14, 2016
Marcin said they could do it in one day and they did.  They packed, moved, and unpacked in record time. And they unpacked intelligently, at the end of the day we could find everything we needed.  They also took away all the packing materials and couldn’t be more helpful in moving (and removing) the furniture around the house. Most importantly, nothing was damaged in the move. Our move kept getting delayed and we had to reschedule with M&M three times. They were very accommodating with these last minute changes.