Moving Checklists

moving checklist

8 Weeks Before You Move

  • Get cost estimates from different rental truck or moving companies
  • Plan a garage sale if you have items in your home you no longer want or need, or consider donating them
  • Set aside a file in which to keep documents, receipts, and estimates related to moving
moving checklist

6 Weeks Before You Move

  • Pick a rental truck or moving company and set the pick-up and delivery schedules
  • If you’re moving to a different city, contact your doctor, attorney, and other professionals for referrals and transfers of necessary records
  • If you have any school-age children, arrange to transfer school records
  • If you have any pets, obtain a copy of veterinary records
  • Start setting schedules with real estate agents or landlords
moving checklist

4 Weeks Before You Move

  • Contact utility companies to schedule disconnection dates
  • Contact new utility companies to schedule connection dates at your new home
  • Cancel any newspaper subscriptions and trash pickups effective on your move date
  • Stop by your local post office to fill up a change of address form so mail can be rerouted to your new home
moving checklist

1 or 2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Take your car to a service center for a tune up if you’ll be moving over a long distance
  • Confirm connection dates with utility companies for your new home
  • Visit your bank to transfer or close your chequing or savings accounts, RRSP’s. If you have a safety deposit box, empty it out
  • Clean out your refrigerator and defrost your freezer
moving checklist

Moving Day

  • Stay at home all day to oversee the movers and the moving
  • Carry any valuables with you
  • Before the movers leave, do a final sweep of your home, making sure nothing has been left behind in drawers, cabinets, closets, or storage spaces
  • Close all windows and lock all the doors before you leave