Our Three Ply Paper Pads are the standard, disposable and one-way furniture protection for the moving and storage industry.  This item is also perfect for wrapping pictures, mirrors and other fragile items that you want to really secure.
These versatile pads are constructed from strong, stain free natural Kraft paper on the top and bottom with three soft, cushioning layers of padding sandwiched in between.  Pads are often employed in wrapping mirrors and pictures before inserting them into cartons for shipment.  They are also very popular for wrapping furniture, particularly where it is impractical to retrieve cloth blankets.  Examples include overseas moves where the freight would be exorbitant to get cloth blankets returned.  They are also used when items are going into long-term storage.  For storage applications, paper blankets eliminate the concerns about color from cloth blankets staining furniture or upholstery after long periods of contact in conditions of changing temperature and humidity.

Dimensions – 48″ x 72″