Note: Depending on where you live/where you’re moving to, there may be different guidelines and/or regulations which can affect these moving expenses.  If need be, contact your landlord, realtor, and/or moving company with any questions concerning your situation.

While moving can be an exciting endeavor, it can also be costly.  We are often prepared for some of the costs (ie. materials, movers, transportation).  On the other hand, there are some costs that may catch us by surprise.  The following will discuss the unexpected moving expenses you need to know about.

Moving Insurance

“We only lost a few items and broke one lamp!”  Over time, losing or breaking items during a move has almost seemed to be a rite of passage.  However, this doesn’t mean that it should be a common occurrence.  There is much attention given to which moving company can be trusted, yet we often neglect to discuss moving insurance. 

Available to both those who are moving themselves and to those using a moving company, this form of insurance can offer peace of mind to anyone during the moving process.  Unfortunately, many things can go wrong.  While homeowners insurance will cover some things, moving insurance will cover any damage that occurs throughout the moving process.

New License and Vehicle Registration

We are frequently so focused on the living quarters’ aspect of moving, that we often forget about transportation-related factors.  Depending on where you are moving, you may need to acquire an updated license and vehicle registration.  While a new driver’s license can cost less than $100, a vehicle’s registration can be more costly (over $200!).  Keep this in mind when you are preparing your moving budget!  

Child and/or Pet Care

If you are a parent or a pet owner, you will probably want your child and/or pet to be away from the hustle and bustle of moving.  This way, all of your attention is put into getting unpacked and having the house as safe as possible before bringing others into the situation.  Having a family member or friend who is able to take care of your child or pet can be extremely helpful.  

However, sometimes there is simply no one available.  In these circumstances, it is recommended to hire someone to provide childcare and/or pet care.  Therefore, add the payment for this service to your budget!  

Settling In Expenses

You may be met with a few surprises depending on where you’re moving to.  It’s not as though everyone can move into newly built, pristine housing!  Create a “moving day budget”.  Include the cost of gas, meals, lodging (if applicable), an emergency fund, and a little bit extra for household items.  

Hopefully, the space is ” live-in ready”, but if not, bringing a few basic cleaning supplies can be helpful. If you arrive to discover a surprisingly messy situation, you will be able to tend to it immediately before getting more in-depth repairs done.  Remember to take photos as soon as you notice anything out of sorts. This will come in handy if it ends up being a bigger issue. The photos can be offered as evidence at a later date if need be.  If a few basic supplies won’t be a solution, hiring a professional cleaning service may be in the cards.

While on the topic of surprise situations, be sure to have an emergency kit prepared.  

This may include bandages, disinfectants, flashlights, water bottles, and other items that can be helpful in case of an emergency.  Hopefully, this will never need to be used but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Bringing toiletries is also a good idea.  Many real estate agents ensure that small items such as these are taken care of. However, be safe and assume nothing.  Even if all you bring is a couple of rolls of toilet paper, a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste. Bringing these with you for the first day or night in your home is a wise decision.  This way, at least have a few backup supplies to use until a shopping trip can be made.

These are just a few of the possible unexpected moving expenses you need to know about.  

While we all hope for a smooth, non-eventful moving experience, we can never be too safe or too prepared.  To help reduce the amount of stress that comes with moving, contact M&M Moving and Storage.  From helping pack items from an old residence, to unpacking items at a new home, M&M Moving can help, no matter what your moving journey entails.  Contact us today and let us move you!